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3 advantages of cleaning the hood of a restaurant

→ Improvement of indoor air quality

Can cooking release harmful pollutants that affect the indoor air quality of the kitchen? Although the range hood is responsible for capturing cooking vapors, it can not be when it is clogged with grease.

Improvement of indoor air quality

Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have found that cooking with gas or appliances can release airborne pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. carbon dioxide. When the exhaust from the kitchen is unable to function properly, these kitchen air pollutants have no place to go but to be breathed by the lungs of your employees.

→ Elimination of odors

Elimination of odors

To run a restaurant successfully, and let your customers enjoy a pleasant dining experience. However, it can be difficult if there is a smell of fat from the kitchen. Part of running a clean restaurant is to make sure that all kitchen cooking odors are sent through the kitchen exhaust.

When you plan regular cleaning of the exhaust from the kitchen Cooks and guests can enjoy the fresh air in the dining room.

→ Fire safety

The risk of fire from a restaurant grease increases dramatically if grease is allowed to accumulate inside the exhaust from the kitchen. For the fire safety of your employees and customers, make sure to organize exhaust cleaning of commercial kitchens.

You have invested a lot of time and money on your restaurant. That is why it is wise to protect your restaurant by ensuring that the grease can not accumulate to dangerous levels. Therefore, « Commercial Hoods » make sure to scrub all available surfaces until bare metal to avoid any greasy residue.

fire linked to the fat of a restaurant

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